Pınar Selek
Declaration by the President of the University of Strasbourg Raising support for PhD. student Pinar Selek
Pinar Selek will reappear before the Turkish authorities on 24th January
2013. The President of the University of Strasbourg, Alain Beretz, is
calling on the University community to back his support for her cause and
has announced that the University will be represented in Istanbul on
24th January.

In a press release published on 3rd December, Alain Beretz claimed, "By virtue
of the fundamental and human values we defend, University of Strasbourg
cannot conceive that freedom of speech, a fundamental condition of research,
should be flouted and trampled underfoot. By standing at Pinar Selek's side,
University of Strasbourg and the entire University community are determined to
uphold the fundamental rights of every student, every citizen and every person."

The trial, which should have been held on 13th December, was deferred to
24th January. Today the President asserted, "Pinar Selek, who risks life
imprisonment, can count on our support in defending her cause. We are at her
side to pronounce loud and strong that research will not be exploited for political
or ideological ends and that the values of humanism and freedom will ever be
defended by our University." This is why the University of Strasbourg will be
represented by a Vice Chancellor in Istanbul on 24th January, the day of
the trial, together with everyone supporting Pinar Selek.

"The entire University community is called on to support our colleague by
taking part in the various demonstrations which will be organised. Today,
like yesterday, University of Strasbourg will stand side by side with all victims of
persecution," Alain Beretz asserted forcefully.

To rally people to the cause, the University's in-house e-journal published
an article on 11th January - - to inform the entire University
community about Pinar Selek's research, life history and combat. This is a
decisive act to give media coverage to her situation and help rally round our

11th January 2013

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Pınar Selek
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